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Speaker Profile

A solopreneur, an award-winning author, and a talent development expert, operating in Dubai. Worked with over 50 organizations in more than 15 different fields, to help leaders find confidence and clarity to make complex decisions. Have taken the stage in Dubai, London, Toronto, and other cities to share insights and case studies regarding coaching, leadership development, talent management, edtech, entrepreneurship, and more. 


An enriching journey from war zones in Levant, to corporate boardrooms in Dubai, passing through technology labs and startups, and coaching thousands of professional leaders in the process .


The author of "Doubt to Certainty: A Practical Guide To Finding Confidence & Clarity In Making Complex Decisions", and the founder of IVIC Decision-Making Framework© and The Authenticity Pyramid©.


Former VP, MBA holder, Certified ICF coach, member of WABC, ACHOLOGY NLP Master Practitioner, Leadership Assessor, among other scientific and academic qualifications.

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