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My Story

Mina Wasfi

This is the background story of how I became a talent development thought-leader, a 2X international award-winning author, a global executive coach, and a business consultant.

After a few years operating in the Business Development and Digital Marketing field, the real adventure began in 2012, when I stepped into the world of Community Development. It was a world brimming with potential, where I could help others realize their own. It was a career that demanded empathy, responsibility, and the freedom to be adaptable. I wasn't merely stepping into a new profession, but aligning with a calling that would later define me.

From 2013 to 2017, my resilience was tested when I decided to go on a mission to support unfortunate communities in the Middle East. I led non-profit social and medical development projects for displaced and less fortunate individuals in regions stricken with conflict and hardship. This experience imprinted on me the real essence of humanity and the importance of community. Despite the trials and tribulations, I have found joy in helping others. It's this joy that continues to inspire me to keep moving forward.


In 2017, health issues came in the way and I had to retire from community development work. Since then, focused on turning the Talent Development space in MENA upside, through my role as Regional Talent Development Manager MENA with Delivery Hero and as the Head of Career Development at Qureos. Meanwhile, my passion to people's growth led me to achieve much more on the professional side, and earn several professional certifications. With every professional achievement or certification, I was not only gaining one more badge but also equipping myself with tools that would allow me to better serve others. My mission now is to coach professionals and business leaders to navigate the decision they have to make with clarity and confidence. My journey has also taken me to global stages like the Edtech World Forum 2022, and Centuro Global Expansion Conference 2023, where I've shared insights as a global talent development expert. My latest book "Doubt to Certainty: A Practical Guide To Finding Confidence & Clarity To Making Complex Decisions" has won 2 international awards for best self-help book in 2023.

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