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Doubt To Certainty


2X International Award-Winning

Best Self-Help Book 2023

Mina Wasfi Coach in Dubai Leadership Development

I am Mina Wasfi, and

I use science & logic to liberate individual potential.

Whether it is a professional or a personal matter, I am the right person to talk to if you are looking for clarity and confidence to make good decisions.

Mina Wasfi Coach in Dubai Leadership Development
Mina Wasfi Coach in Dubai Leadership Development
Mina Wasfi Coach in Dubai Leadership Development
Mina Wasfi Coach in Dubai Leadership Development
Mina Wasfi Coach in Dubai Leadership Development

Value Offering

Who Do I Help?


Individuals Seeking Clarity & Confidence To Make Decisions


Leaders Aspiring To Maximize Their Impact


Organizations Setting Business Strategy & Making Strategic Decisions


Coaches Defining Their Coaching Practice & Value Offering

Don't hear it just from me ...

Diana Dahham

This was the first time I have ever done a coaching session, and I am a very skeptical person about “coaching”, but Mina is the real deal, no up in the air woowoo talk but he was able to lead me to a breakthrough on what to do with my career and I have been struggling with this for years. In 1 session I had the clearest, and most vivid direction on what I need to do with my career and what my passion is. What’s brilliant about his approach is he doesn’t talk at you but instead asks you legitimate questions that leads you to your own truth! He also gives you very constructive feedback. Honestly this session is gold, and I would highly advice every single person to do this only with MINA

Marco Ciaccia

I had the pleasure to have a Session 1:1 with Mina. He was able to explain what I needed in a way that I got iit the first time.
The way he explain the topic is on another level. If you do have any question regarding any topic on performance appraisal or talent development or you just want some guidance in your career he is the right person to speak with.
Beside being really good at what he does he will make you feel welcome during the session.
I would recommend 100%

Nidhin Thomas

Everyone has mixed emotions when thinking about their career paths, what to do and how to get to the place where you want to be. It's a lot more challenging when you've changed careers 4 times but with that comes a lot of wisdom and clarity to see the bigger picture. Mina is someone who is very genuine, thoughtful and does not hold back in making people think while creating a safe space.
I would recommend to have a chat with Mina to understand where you are, where you want to be, and what you need to do to get there.

Meisey Ramos

Mina has truly impressed me with his ability to inspire and motivate his clients towards achieving their goals. After a conversation with him I felt much more confident in my ability to transition to a new career. His approachable and supportive demeanor creates a comfortable environment for his clients to share their concerns and ambitions. It is clear that he has a genuine passion for helping others achieve their goals and I have no doubt that he will continue to make a positive impact in the lives of those he works with.

Emad Bakhit

I had the opportunity to be helped by Mina for career coaching, his coaching skills and knowledge allowed me to look differently to things, and I was expecting and trusting his expertise, which allowed him spotted many crucial and accurate points about me from the first time, his tips and recommendations are very valuable, the way he manages the process is special, delicate, and smart, he has all the prerequisites and expertise, and a great career coach, it is a worthy experience to go through it, hopefully he’d have the time for further sessions for more people in the future.
Helping Hand

"Clear thinking requires courage rather than intelligence."

Thomas Szasz

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